Our Visitors

Visiting Hours & Deliveries

Visiting hours at Mount Hospital are from 3.00pm to 8.00pm daily. Visitors can telephone our concierge on 08 9327 1100 to locate their relative or friend. Alternatively visitors can obtain this information at the concierge desk located in the main entrance of the hospital.

All mail and deliveries to patients should be sent to:

Mount Hospital
Main Reception
150 Mounts Bay Road
Perth WA 6000

Smoke Free Policy

Mount Hospital is committed to providing doctors, staff, medical centre employees, patients, visitors, volunteers and contractors with a healthier, cleaner and safer environment.  On this basis we are a smoke free facility and proud of this.

Our smoke free policy applies to all people who enter the site, including patients.  It is expected that all visitors will respect and comply with our smoke free policy.

The smoke free zone includes the hospital, medical centres (140 and 146 Mounts Bay Road) and surrounding car parks and grounds. 

Parking & Transport

Paid parking is available close to the main entrance of the hospital and is accessible from Mounts Bay Road.  A patient drop off and pick up zone is available at the main entrance.  Parking in this zone is restricted to 5 minutes.  If you require longer than this limit please use the main car park.

Mount Hospital is situated within the CBD free transit zone and is easily accessible by public bus. The 950 route operates frequently every day both from and to the Esplanade Bus station.  The bus stop is directly outside reception for buses to the Esplanade Bus station, and across the road when coming from the city.

For further information please refer to the Transperth website http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/TimetablesMaps

A direct taxi telephone is located at the concierge desk in the hospital’s main reception.  If you contact Swan Taxis via your personal mobile, the hospital is linked to “Cab Spot” which will automatically send details of your location to the taxi company.  You will be asked to quote a site number and this is located at the hospital’s concierge desk. 

On-Site Services

Hospital amenities include:

  • Hudsons Coffee located in the Mount Hospital Medical Centre at 146 Mounts Bay Road
  • A gift shop located in the pharmacy 
  • Vending machines located on level 1 of the hospital 
  • Flowers that are available in the main reception of the hospital
  • There is no ATM on site however you can get cash out with a small purchase in the Pharmacy.